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3 Reasons to Experience Spring Rafting On The New River Gorge


Spring has sprung, and that means it’s a great time to book the ultimate New River Gorge rafting trip. Why? Because when spring rafting comes to your favorite adventure resort, ACE, it’s all about BIG WATER! (That’s something you’ll rarely see in the summertime).  There are lots of reasons one might opt to ride the Spring waves of the New River Gorge but here are our top 3 favorites that you won’t want to miss out on.

There’s No Cure for Winter Cabin Fever like a River Trip, Fantastic Views and Crisp Spring Water

Cabin fever is that moment when you’re sick of being indoors because the bitter winter has kept you from enjoying the great outdoors. It usually kicks in sometime around April and that’s the perfect time for a high water, high speed Gorge trip. Plus, springtime makes the river blossom with pink redbuds and blazing white dogwoods as vibrant greens begin popping up all along your journey. Plus, the crisp spring water is refreshing to experience.

Waves. Waves. Waves. Giant, 16-foot Waves Due to Heavy Spring Rains

Winter thaws and heavy spring rains bring an influx of water to the region meaning it’s prime time for rafting trips! The water increase causes enormous waves, seriously, these waves can be upwards of 16 feet or more! That means you’ll be powering through your whitewater experience and honestly feel what makes an ACE adventure!

Big Water + Big Savings = Big Fun

Pricing is important when planning any vacation, and our off-season prices for spring draw lots of people for the start of rafting, so don’t miss out on our promotional rate! You won’t want to have severe FOMO for missing out on the spring rafting rush. (FOMO? We’re told that’s a cool kid acronym for Fear Of Missing Out – Editor).

Enjoy your time on the water this season when you reserve your rafting trips with ACE Adventure Resort. Along with the fresh, whitewater, you’ll get to experience the New River Gorge in all its glory! Big rains bring big water with big waves… and BIG FUN. Come see for yourself!

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