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About Lower New River Gorge Whitewater Rafting Trips

The Lower New River Gorge is considered the best whitewater rafting in the New River Gorge National Park in West Virginia. This is an 8-12 mile river trip through the New River Gorge National Park featuring 2 class IV+ rapids and many more along the way.

The most popular option is our full day Lower New River Gorge rafting trip that includes a complimentary riverside lunch. We also offer a half day Lower New River Rafting trips for those seeking a faster adventure, a riverside overnight options for those looking to raft and camp in the National Park. For experienced rafters looking for a sportier ride the 12′ performance raft upgrade is recommended.

Please note: The minimum age for rafting the Lower New River Gorge is 12 years old.

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Learn More About Rafting The Lower New

A rafting trip on the Lower New River Gorge will take you through the most dramatic scenery in the New River Gorge National Park. The New River is the second oldest river in the world and over a millennia it has carved a 1,000′ ft deep gorge into the bullet hard sandstone of Southern West Virginia. The result is a fun filled stretch over river that offers massive rapids with giant waves to ride over and foaming holes to crash through.

The Lower New is a drop pool river. This means the mighty rapids are separated by fairly calm pools that allow river runners to enjoy the soaring sandstone cliffs of the canyon while often spotting wildlife like bald eagles, river otters, deer and more! It is also a high volume river thanks to it’s 3 state watershed so you never have to worry if the Gorge will be running the day of your trip. It always runs, and it’s always fun.

Lower New River Gorge FAQ's

How long is the Lower New River Gorge?

Most paddlers agree that the Lower New River Gorge starts with Pinball Rapid just a short distance below the Cunard river access. It is an 8 mile journey from there to the New River Gorge Bridge. At higher water levels, like those often encountered in the spring, rafting companies tend to start farther up the river. This accounts for the faster flows of high water days and ensures our guests get their fill of rafting! ACE Adventure Resort launches rafting trips from our private beach at higher levels and the run will be 13 miles long on those days.

What class are the rapids of the Lower New River?

Rapids on the Lower New River Gorge range in difficulty from Class I to Class IV+ making it a suitable river trip for first time rafters as well as those with more experience paddling whitewater. Rafting guests will take on two Class IV+ rapids named Lower Keeney and Double Z and will most likely get a chance to swim an easy rapid and leap off Jump Rock on their way down the river.

How much does it cost to raft the Lower New?

Prices will vary based on the day and time of year. Expect to spend about $115 – $159 per person depending on the options you choose for your rafting trip. The most economical trips will be mid week and our Half Day Lower New River Rafting Trips are a bit more affordable because they don’t include a riverside lunch along the way.

How old to you have to be to raft the Lower New River Gorge?

The minimum age to raft the Lower New River Gorge is 12 years old. If you have younger rafters in your group we recommend you try the Upper New River Gorge which is a more casual float trip with a few exciting rapids and plenty of amazing scenery.


How To Choose The Right Lower New River Gorge Trip

Everybody wants to have an awesome day on the river. So, how do you choose the right Lower New rafting trip for you and your group? The information below should help point you in the right direction!

The Full Day Lower New River Gorge Rafting Trip is our most popular.

The full day rafting trip offers some extras you just won’t get on other trips. Our rafts are custom designed to be light, nimble, and great at surfing! Did you know that you can surf a river? It’s true. Certain river features allow our guides to paddle into them and the balance of upstream and downstream water will hold your raft in the feature for a fun-filled ride. Our full day trip allows you to surf the river to your hearts content. Plus, you’ll be treated to a complimentary riverside lunch along the way to help you refuel from all that river fun! This is hand down our best New River rafting trip.

A Half Day Trip Is A Perfect Bargain For Those Short On Time.

Are you just stopping through West Virginia for the day, or maybe you have other adventures you’d like to take on during your visit? Our Half Day Lower New River Rafting Trip is perfect for those looking to save a few dollars and some time. You’ll still get to run the entire Lower New but we’ll hustle on down the river instead of stopping to surf.

Lower New River Overnights Are Glamping At It’s Best.

For those ready to get away from it all and experience some riverside camping our Riverside Overnight Package is the way to go! Guests will journey down both the Upper and Lower New River Gorge and spend the night half way at ACE’s private riverside campground in the National Park. Our guides will take care of you all the way and even prepare two riverside lunches, dinner around the campfire after your first day of rafting and a tasty breakfast the next morning. Spend the night in the New River Gorge National Park and Preserve, enjoy the wild, and let our guides take care of the details!

Try our most popular new river gorge trip!

Lower New River Gorge White Water Rafting – Full Day Trip

Min Age: 10 Yrs. In Oar Rig, 12 Yrs. Paddle raft

Duration: FULL DAY

Meals(S): Free Lunch

This full-day excursion will satisfy your need for whitewater. With all the great scenery, incredible class III-IV+ whitewater, a visit to jump rock, and a riverside lunch, this trip is ideal for both new rafters and seasoned boaters alike.

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Explore the rivers that we raft here in West Virginia. Enjoy two sections of whitewater rafting on the Upper and Lower New River Gorge. In the Fall you can also join us for the challenging Upper Gauley River or the scenic Lower Gauley River!

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