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Ghost Hunting Gear Guide


Ghost Hunting Gear Guide

Have you ever been ghost hunting? Do you believe in the paranormal? This summer we are headed into the historic New River Gorge National Park to explore the ghostly side of West Virginia. Thurmond was a booming railroad town at the turn of the 20th century and has since declined into real life ghost town on the banks of the New River. During our Thurmond Ghost Hunts we utilize a variety of equipment to communicate with spirits and detect variations in energy fields.

Group ghosting hunting with a flash light

Flashlight Communication

One of our favorite techniques to gauge activity in a particular area is flashlight communication (https://paranormalschool.com/using-a-flashlight-to-communicate-with-ghosts-and-spirits/).  Using a simple mini Maglite flashlight to communicate with entities and spirits that can put their energy into the light causing it to turn on and off by itself. This technique can be used to get questions answered and have simple yes/no intelligent communications. We have been very successful in getting flashlight activity during our ghost hunt adventures.

EMF Meter

Some paranormal theories suggest that spirits and give off electromagnetic energy that can be detected. We use various pieces of equipment that can detect and measure these electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). The most popular is the K2 meter which is and easy-to-use tool that detects spikes in electro magnetic energy. These spikes indicated by the multi-colors lights at the top of the meter may signify activity or communication from spirits from the other side. During our Thurmond Ghost Hunts we pass out K2 meters to each group so you can explore the spikes in these EMF levels. Just like using the flashlight to communicate you can also use the K2 meter to ask yes/no questions and get intelligent responses.

SLS Camera

The SLS (Structured Light Sensor) camera will detect humans and animals in absolute darkness or full light. It also seems to see bodies when there is nothing there that the naked eye can see, spirits? Here’s how it works: It uses an RGB camera with depth sensor and infrared light projector with a monochrome CMOS sensor which sees everything not as a flat image, but as dots arranged in a 3D environment. These 1000’s of infrared dots allow the camera to “see” depth and detail like a sonar. The installed software can recognize people by distinguishing body parts, joints and movements.

If shows a person shaped object on the screen that you cannot see with the naked eye then there is something there the IR is detecting and the programming is recognized as a human shape based on body parts and joints together. We have detected person shaped objects standing and then sitting on the floor or standing next to a table and petting our trigger prop. The SLS camera can be great fun to play with!

Spirit Box

The P-SB11 Spirit Box is a great tool with great new features for attempting communication with paranormal entities. It uses radio frequency sweeps to generate white noise, which theories suggest give some entities the energy they need to be heard. When this occurs you will sometimes hear voices or sounds coming through the static in an attempt to communicate. If you have ever seen the movie Poltergeist, this is similar concept. During our investigations we will conduct spirit box sessions and listen for voices of words in the static. You might be surprised what you can hear!

YOU are the Best Tool

All these fancy gadgets are really fun to play with and sometimes they produce interesting results but YOU are the best tool for detecting paranormal activity. Often time’s participants of a paranormal investigation might feel nauseas or simply get an eerie feeling. Temperature changes and cold spots can be encountered with spirits or even touching, scratching pushing, choking has been known to occur in certain instances. So be aware of how you feel and what you see, don’t write it off and be sure to take a second look or listen when something seems a little off…

Join the Hunt

Are you ready to explore the paranormal side of the New River Gorge? Join us this summer during one of our exclusive Thurmond Ghost Hunts  to try out some of this equipment and see if any spirits are ready to reach out. We only do these trips twice a year, once in July and once in September. Space is limited to just 20 people and we have special access to private areas of Thurmond not generally open to the public. Sign up to join our next paranormal investigation.

BY Chris Colin

Chris Colin is a raft guide, whitewater kayaker, active caver, and as Special Events Coordinator at ACE he manages, promotes, and executes special events like the Mountain Music Festival.