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Camping in the New River Gorge

With the New River Gorge set to become the New River Gorge National Park and Preserve, now is the time to plan your trip to Southern West Virginia to visit the newly minted National Park! Adventures abound in this slice of Almost Heaven, with whitewater rafting, ziplining, hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing among the numerous activities you can find. And, what better way to experience a world of adventure than to camp under the stars nestled in the mountains a stone’s throw away from the incredible beauty of the New River Gorge?

Concho overlook view

Camping at ACE Adventure Resort

Campers have a host of options for their camping experience. Stay close to all the adventures at ACE Adventure Resort, where a 1,500-acre adventurer’s paradise awaits. Here, campers will stay at ACE’s mountain top campground, large enough that it never fills up. Within walking distance of all the campsites, you’ll find shower houses, so you won’t really have to “rough it”. Rent your camping gear from ACE and you’ll arrive at an already set up campsite, complete with a sleeping bag and sleeping pad. These campsites can be reserved in advance prior to arrival.


Camping at the AAC

If you’re visiting the New River Gorge for climbing, check out the American Alpine Club Campground. Located in close proximity to popular climbing spots in the Gorge, this campground features platforms for setting up your tent, plus communal spaces for hanging out with fellow campers after a day of adventuring in the national park. A paid shower house is located on-site. Reservations can be made in advance prior to arrival.

Photo: AAC


Camping through the NPS

More primitive camping options are available from the New River Gorge National Park and Preserve on a first come first serve basis. These campsites are located throughout the park. These sites are truly primitive, with no amenities available at the sites, and no shower houses located near the sites.

Photo: NPS


Visit the New River Gorge National Park and Preserve this summer and enjoy spending time outdoors at one of the incredible campgrounds located in the area!

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