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Very few recreational activities rival the sheer thrill of analyzing, scaling, and conquering a steep, exigent rock wall. Most people don’t realize that the ability to effectively rock-climb lies in all of us instinctively. Practice makes perfect, just like any other outdoor pursuit. Thus, kids as young as eight years old can enlist in the world-class rock climbing school here at ACE Adventure Resort. No prior experience is needed as each on-site rock climbing guide has years of experience along the rim of the world-famous New River Gorge, including the “Endless Wall.” Their ability to patiently teach a new skill set in a matter of hours is undeniably mind-blowing, to say the least.

Scale the New River Gorge’s “Endless Wall”

Most thrill-seekers know about the Endless Wall Trail, a genuinely breathtaking, 2.3-mile trail that meanders high above the New River Gorge. The Endless Wall itself provides nearly three miles of unobstructed cliff line access, which is perfect, as you can imagine, for our full-day rock climbing school. These sturdy, picturesque Nuttall sandstone cliffs provide some of the most pulse-pounding adventures in the Appalachians. It should come as no surprise that thrill-seekers flock to this rocky gorge during autumn’s peak, as the surrounding forestry transforms into a vibrant blend of marigold, kelly green, and amber. But, as far as we’re concerned, the temperatures (low 80s) from June through August are idyllic for an afternoon climb.

Full-Day Rock Climbing School

ACE Adventure Resort, home to the top-rated West Virginia rock climbing school, offers two distinct full-day jaunts. The Upper New River Gorge climb is for kids (eight and up) and adults alike. It’s the perfect starter course as you’ll “learn the ropes.” The Lower New River Gorge tour, meanwhile, is also beginner-friendly, but all climbers must be at least 10 years of age. It’s a small step up from the upper gorge expedition. Each full-day climb is unique, as the guide will gauge the pack’s skill level and accurately choose a variety of climbing routes to attack. Therefore, when you return next year, you won’t have to worry about experiencing déjà vu.

To learn more about our seasonal (spring, summer, and fall) climbing school or browse through our various adventure packages, please visit online at ACERaft.com. You can also reach out via smartphone by “dialing” 1-800-787-3982.

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