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Girl’s Getaway Weekend


As Missy Elliot once said: “To all my ladies, you sure know how to work that.”


Girl, you’ve been working it- all day in the office and then all night at home. Maybe it’s time for a break? Maybe it’s time for a little self-care. And NOT with your husband/boyfriend/endless Tinder matches. But with the ones who have been there through it all: your girlfriends. If you’re feeling stuck and like you desperately need a recharge; it may be time to create new hilarious memories with your favs on a girl’s weekend getaway. 

But you all aren’t interested in a typical girls’ night. You crave a unique girls’ getaway. Something all of your Instagram followers will be totally jealous over. 

Pour yourself a glass of wine, girl. Your recharge awaits. 

Girls paddle the Gauley River on a guided white water rafting trip with ACE Adventure Resort.

Here are the top ten reasons rafting the New River Gorge is the ULTIMATE girls’ getaway weekend.


  1. HOT Guides

    Whether you’re into ladies or gentlemen- all the guides have been pushing 80 pound rafts down the river in the sweltering summer sun. The result? Strong, tan, sweaty, glistening in the sun men and women skillfully guiding you down a class V river. And then, when you get out into the swimmer’s rapids- they have to pull you back in. (;


  2. Hilarious Rafting Pictures

    As you and your ladies paddle through roaring rapids there will be a video boater recording you CRUSHING those waves. There will also be photographers at big rapids making sure to capture your laughter, tears, adrenaline-fueled war cries OR– Stephanie swooning over the guide and not paddling. Get it together, Stephanie.

  3. A Little Fear Brings Everyone Closer

    Rafting can sound really scary. Group fear has a way of bringing people closer. It’s time to get closer to your girls. You don’t get to see them often and you just don’t seem to have the same exciting memories that you did when you were younger. In this day and age it’s easy to shy away from hard, scary adventure and just go to brunch.
    (BORING!)  However, it’s WAY more badass and rewarding to do something that scares you. And something that’s so ridiculously fun once you get over the fear factor you’ll want to come back every year. Just remember: the glistening guide is there to stroke you down the river to dry land and an ice cold beer.


  4. Cozy Rustic Cabins (CAN I GET A HOT TUB?!)

    After being on the river all day, and at the bar all night (; retreating to your cozy cabin in the woods will be such a treat. Plush beds and cold air conditioning are a reward for all the work you did on the river. (Also, you definitely lost a pound or two out there.) A huge deck and hot tub under the stars will provide the perfect place to get wine drunk and trash talk your boyfriends.

    PRO TIP: Bring a projector along and project your favorite movies on the deck so you never have to get out of the hot tub. Doesn’t that sound way better than “movie night” at Stephanie’s house. Jesus, Stephanie.

    PRO TIP #2: Project a scary movie so that whenever a creature moves in the woods the fear brings you closer together. 


  5. Live Music and Bar That Goes All Night

    One of the best perks of staying at ACE Adventure Resort is the on-site bar. No need to worry about a DD. The Lost Paddle stays open late on the weekends with live music and strong drinks so you can get your dance on. The huge open deck is next to the lake too, AKA great photo op. And you might just find your guide dancing there too….


  6. Rafting is UNIQUE, It’s Time To Ditch The “Same Old Stuff” Trips

    Okay, so- beach week is old. Movie nights are lame. A night downtown is manufactured and fake. Are you all feeling something that feels like a lack of fulfillment? New and real experiences are what challenge us and help us to grow. Growth is self-love. Take the time to enrich your life and nurture your soul by doing something that is exciting and kind of scary, but ultimately just plain FUN.  And plus- you’re going to look cool and different on Instagram.


  7. Laugh ‘til You Cry Memories

    If you’re like 99% of the girl population you and your girls likely rehash the old times and laugh at the things you used to do. It’s time to stop reliving old memories and make new ones. Rafting provides the opportunity to make absolutely hilarious and kind of embarrassing memories that you all can rehash again and again. Like when Stephanie did a belly flop off of Jump Rock.


  8. Amazing Hiking Trails To Show Off Your New Yoga Skills

    If your rafting pictures aren’t enough there are hundreds of trails in the New River Gorge. Hike to exposed cliff lines overlooking the river or to a blue waterfall and take a swim. Wherever you decide to hike to it’s guaranteed there is gorgeous spot to hang up a hammock or strike a yoga pose.


  9. A Crystal Clear Lake For Floating Off That Hangover

    A refreshing dip in a cool, clear lake is the only cure for that pounding headache you earned from too much dancing and drinking at the Lost Paddle the night before. Summersville Lake is so blue and clear that it has been nicknamed the Little Bahamas of the East. Ramp up your fun and make sure to climb the beautiful rock walls that line the lake while you’re there! No gear required!

    PRO TIP: Bring your giant unicorn float!


  10. There Are Hundreds Of Other BADASS Activities for a Girl’s Weekend Getaway

    If you’re still not convinced and rafting still sounds a little too scary ACE Adventure Resort offers plenty of other activities to ensure exciting new memories. Climbing, mountain biking, zip-lining, ATVing, paintball, a PONTOON BOAT and a lake with giant inflatable obstacles are just a few things your ladies can join in on and laugh the whole. damn. time.

    Get in, loser. We’re going to West Virginia!

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