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3 Reasons ACE ziplines are the best in the New River Gorge


As the start of summer draws closer, the New River Gorge turns bright with fragrant blossoms and bursts of color in budding trees. The forest comes alive with sounds of native animals returning after winter, and a comfortable breeze blows through the Gorge as it warms up. This is the perfect time to get up in the trees and play on some ziplines, and we’ve got three reasons why!

ACE has the only Ziplines on the edge of the Gorge

If you’ve come to zip the Gorge, you’ll want to see the Gorge! Our ziplines run right up to the edge of the cliff side, giving you the most spectacular views and truest sense of freedom over this amazing geographic feature. You’ll see hawks soaring through the open air as you stop for photo opportunities on platforms built into the rocky cliff edge.

You will feel the freedom of flight

Have you ever looked up at the trees and wondered what it would be like to rustle through the leaves along with the wind? Come feel what it’s like to rush through leafy green corridors like a bird in flight. After you make your way from the cliff edges and further into the forest, you’ll find yourself in a giant tree house. The zero-gravity rush of that last zipline plunge to your guide below will leave you buzzing for days.


It’s wild. It’s exhilarating. It’s FUN!

When you come to this wild landscape, it has a tendency to get into your soul and stir up the spirit of adventure. Zip lining is a great introduction to mountain adventure activities. You can even zip at night time! You’ll challenge yourself just enough. It’s a wild ride for your the seasoned adrenaline seeker, but tame enough for any newbie adventurer to get out and try.


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