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Shhhhh…. We want Fayetteville’s best kept secret all to ourselves.  OK, ok, it’s not that much of a secret anymore, but we do want our ACE friends and family to be in the know when it comes to Secret Sandwich Society in downtown Fayetteville.

Food fit for a King… or a President

When you first arrive at ‘Secret’ as the locals call it, you’ll notice that it’s down some very old stone steps with a ton of character.  A two-story house, remodeled with a cozy and modern interior, gives way to an intimate atmosphere. After you’ve knocked another ACE Adventure off your bucket list, you can’t go wrong with celebrations and libations at Secret. At first glance you look you start to notice a trend… Jefferson, Truman, Polk, Fillmore.  The names of past presidents represent sandwiches with uniquely crafted ingredients. The Ulysses comes with roasted pork loin, peach jam, Swiss and greens. The Quincy surprises with seasoned and seared roast beef, balsamic onions, roasted garlic aioli, and pepper jack cheese. Careful thought and effort from the owners and chefs at Secret goes into creating these masterpieces of sandwich art, but if you’d rather create your own, there’s always the Lincoln.

Beyond Sandwiches at Secret Sandwich Society

The salads, burgers, homemade chips, pickles, and special-recipe ketchup will leave you wanting to come back and try something else… or stick with what you love, time and time again.  Need something to wet your whistle while enjoying that delicious sandwich? Not to worry, there are several domestic and local brews available along with an impressive selection of wine.

Art & Music Upstairs

Secret Sandwich Society has been open in Fayetteville since 2010, and the secret is spreading with a new location in Richmond, Virginia.  On the second floor above the restaurant, you’ll find Secret’s sister hot spot, The Grove. The Grove offers live music, spacious lounge, art space and eclectic taproom.  Going into its 8th year, Secret Sandwich Society continues to be a favorite among rock climbers, whitewater rafters, hikers, and mountain bikers, both loyal locals and annual visitors alike. Check out their music schedule, as regional favorites you’ve seen at The Lost Paddle often gig at this unique local bar.

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