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Our Top 3 Reasons to Book an End of Summer Adventure Vacation with ACE

Summer is subsequently coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean the adventure has to end, especially at Ace Adventure Resort! Our year-round lodging and activities are excellent for those needing to take a break, the adventure seekers, and those looking to try something new. When summer ends, the season’s change and autumn brings something new and fresh to ACE. Here are our three reasons to book your late summer adventure vacation!


We know that the summer brings a lot of travelers due to to the warmer weather, the amazing whitewater, and so much more when it comes to water! Water in our lake means kayaking, paddle boarding, just so much water fun! BUT, there is something special about the harvest season. It might be the fact that October has a spookier feel with Halloween or how autumn brings bountiful flavors of apples and pumpkins. It also could have something to do with leaf peeping and the change of scenery or it just might mean that fall has even better bonfires to sit around! Which leads to s’mores galore, and who can say no to that? Sitting around a warm, blazing fire, wrapped in your favorite sweater is the perfect way to end an autumn day at ACE. You can also get an awesome fall beer at our The Lost Paddle.


The vibrant greenery from summertime fades to a warm kaleidoscope of colors that make a trip to West Virginia worth it all. You’ll get to experience the crisp autumn air as it swirls around you during your colorful adventure outdoors and the best way to experience that is a trip on the New River Gorge Bridge Catwalk Tour. When you see the New River Gorge from a bird’s eye view you’ll see the mountain tops dotted with bright reds, oranges, and yellows, so don’t forget your camera. Our tours in the fall are the ultimate leaf peeping tour in the country. What better way to see the fall colors shine than from above?

Shake out the tent one more time for a weekend of camping and hiking to explore the scenery of our wild and wonderful state. To get even more of the mountains during autumn, mountain biking is a popular activity due to the ground being dry and hard and it not being too cold!  Grab a bike for a couple hours or team up with a bike guru for a guided ride into the Gorge.


You can hear it, that rush of water just like the adrenaline pulsing through your veins. Suite up with your group, paddle in hand, and be ready to conquer the untamable Gauley River. The fall season is truly where the Gauley shines, and if you want to experience a fabulous whitewater rafting trip, this is the time to go. Before the water freezes over and winter activities take over, the whitewater is where you’ll want to be this autumn season. Take a look at all of our lovely fall options and get ready to face the Gauley head, heart, and paddle first!

The wild West Virginia mountains are calling your name and ACE is here to make sure you have the greatest vacation this autumn season. It might get chillier, but this end of summer getaway is going to be awesome! Join us at Ace Adventure Resort to get your leaf peeping on, experience the best whitewater rafting tours, and any other mountain sport you can think of, but most importantly to take in every moment of the last of the warm weather.

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