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What kind of a White Water Adventurer are you?



Mild to Wild

When you step foot into the waters of West Virginia’s rivers, you’ll challenge yourself in a whole new way. Mentally and physically, the River’s waters will guide you to your destination – along with the help of our skilled guides. Here at ACE Adventure Resort, we have everything you need from mild to wild for your next white water adventures.

Pick Your River

At ACE we have two separate West Virginia Rivers with plenty of sections for you to traverse and craft your white water rafting skills. For those beginners, explore the Upper New River, which has whitewater levels ranging from Class I to III. For those wanting a fun, family friendly atmosphere while rafting the Upper New River is the section for you. Step up your game by heading to the Lower New River for even more fun and adrenaline. The Lower New River Gorge section offers class III-IV+ with roller-coaster like rapids. Perfect for those seeking a step above mild rafting.

If you’re honestly looking for a thrill, hop on the Gauley River, one of the country’s best whitewater locations. Known for its spectacular Fall whitewater, the Gauley is also beautiful in the spring and summer seasons. The Gauley is where it will all begin for those wanting adventure and heart-pumping fun. During the summer months, the water level is unpredictable and dependent upon the release of water from Summersville Dam. This means you could be on the upper, middle or lower Gauley. The BEST of the spring/summer Gauley gives way to class II-V whitewater for the ultimate adventurer. Maneuver around technical rapids and massive boulders, while experiencing waterfalls and stunning rock cliffs carved out over millions of years.

Pro Tip: You might want to attach a camera or GoPro to your helmet and capture your unforgettable trip to Ace Adventure Resort.


We’re sure no matter which runs you take, you’ll enjoy the roller-coaster movements and cool, refreshing water. Book your exciting rafting vacation today and find your white water adventures in West Virginia. So, you tell us, what kind of whitewater adventurer are you?

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