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Our Adventure Activities Aren’t Just for Thrill Seekers


Here at Ace Adventure Resort, our adventure activities aren’t just for those looking to get down and dirty in West Virginia. We have plenty of options for a quiet, relaxing getaway, or if you’re looking for a little adventure we have that too! We cater to your level of thrill seeking to make sure you have the best time while visiting.

Tee-off with some Disc Golf

Disc Golf or Frisbee Golf, however you call it, you can play this relaxing game at ACE. A game known for tossing discs at a target is similar to its traditional counterpart. Using the West Virginia hills and mountains, you’ll have full access to our wonderful 6,000 feet course, 21 holes of varying difficulty, and a practice target. Practice your game or spend the day enjoying the outdoor while traversing the challenging course.

Ride your way through the Mountains

Can you imagine what it would be like if you could horseback ride through the mountains of West Virginia? Well, at ACE you don’t have to imagine, you get to saddle up and experience the beauty of our area. Whether you choose to go on a scenic ride, a gorgeous sunset ride at night or you want to spend the day horseback riding; we have everything for you here! Just, stop by and we’ll get you set for your next adventure, you can even horse around with friends.

All Day SUPing

That’s right, all day SUPPING. If you’re looking for the ultimate relaxing day, give Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUPing) a try. There are so many ways to benefit from SUPing, not only does it help core muscles but you can improve posture from this sport. Plus, you’ll get to experience the scenery of West Virginia up close and personal. With instructional trips on the New River, at ACE’s private beach, or Summersville Lake, we’re sure you’ll love trying this fantastic lakeside favorite. If you’re looking for all day SUPing, we even have that too!


We’ll make sure your vacation is one to remember, no matter the level of adventure activities you want. Looking for adventure? Hit the Gauley for white river rafting or enjoy a tranquil time horseback riding through the beautiful, mountain scenery. Bridge catwalks, kayaking, hiking, biking, and so much more will make your stay an unforgettable one. Book your getaway today and start planning your adventure with us today! Nobody does an adventure like ACE Adventure Resort!

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