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Family Friendly Adventure Activities at ACE


When searching for the best family friendly adventure resort, look no further than ACE Adventure Resort. It’s such a perfect pairing that even the littlest kiddos will enjoy their days getting to know the great outdoors, with or without their parents nearby. We’re one of the leading Adventure Resorts of America, and we don’t cater to any particular age range. No matter your size or age, you’ll enjoy spending your vacation with us!

Wonderland Waterpark

There is no doubt that with summer right around the corner at ACE that any and all family members will be hitting our Wonderland Waterpark. Opening May 6th, 2017, our waterpark with over 50 inflatables and toys will be open for our guests to explore lakeside activities.

New River Gorge

Known for our whitewater rafting trips, we wouldn’t be an adventure resort if we didn’t cater towards all ages – even when it comes to rafting! Join us on the New River with the whole family. Our Mild rafting trips allow even the youngest members to participate in the fun!

Kid’s Camp

Kids 5-10 can enjoy spending their summer days at our Kid’s Camp. Whether they choose a full day of fun or a half-day will become junior outdoorsmen with camp activities dedicated to crafts, scavenger hunts, lake activities, hikes, and so much more! Plus, when you sign your kids up for our Kid’s Camp, you get to relax a little and adventure at your pace, whether that’s mild to wildest.


No matter what you choose to do with your family this summer season, don’t forget our ACE Adventure Resort! We’re here for your family time fun in the sun. Learn to become a trained leader at kid’s camp, enjoy a mild ride on the New River, or spend time playing on the soft sandy beach. Our 1,500-acre property and adventure activities won’t disappoint you or your children, so, come on down for an amazing trip of a lifetime!

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