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Pope Francis Goes Rafting


Over the past few days in Washington, D.C., Pope Francis has been very busy offering many blessings to those who filled the streets to greet him. Before heading to New York, Pope Francis decided to spend this morning paying respect to the river gods of the Upper Gauley River.
We spotted him waving to the camera and blessing the Pillow Rock rapid this morning while whitewater rafting – a more kind and humble way to enjoy the ride versus the traditional slapping of the rock with a paddle.
Once again Pope Francis amazed us with his dedication and calmness as he took some time to enjoy the scenic Gauley River Gorge while visiting America. This effort is no doubt a further example of his growing concern for climate and environmental concerns as he is still calling for bishops throughout the Church to promote ecological awareness in their congregations. He has also shown us that whitewater rafting can be a truly religious experience.

**We encourage those who happened to see Pope Francis on the river today to please post and share your photos or videos on social media using hashtags #popespotting and #paddleonpope  

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