Xia and Zenna Zickafoose

Art of Xia Zickafoose & Zenna Zickafoose is the natural progression of these two lifelong painters. Xia, 7 years old and Zenna, 5, have both studied painting under thier Daddy Brian C. Zickafoose since they could hold a paint brush. Having easels along side maestro Zickafunk and being in the studio painting on a daily basis, these girls know how to sling some paint! Xia and Zenna had the privilage of painting along side Master Painters Alex and Allyson Grey during a painting intensive they attended with Brian in 2017. Xia and Zenna have both been attending music and arts festivals since birth and MMF is of their favorites! Both Xia and Zenna have attended MMF since the very first one are so excited to be featured artists for the first time at the 5th annual MMF!