2018 Mountain Music Festival Workshop Schedule

We want the attendees of Mountain Music Festival to leave with more than just memories. Our workshops and clinics are designed for our fans to take an interest in something that could last a lifetime (or at least the rest of the summer). Stay tuned for announcements about workshops in 2018.

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Workshop Descriptions

Morning Yoga with Candace Evans

Candace is Ashaya trained and will teach classes for “every body.” She says this yoga class will help you with your fierce dance moves or simply work out those kinks. It will be a fun and playful session that supports harmony and interconnection with mind, body, heart and spirit. It will allow you to be loose and ready to engage MMF as well as your life whole-heartedly. Party on!

Mindfulness in the Morning with Slack-Librium

Every morning Slack-Librium will offer guided mindfulness practice & discussion circles. These circles are open and friendly to participants of all ages, backgrounds, beliefs, and experience levels. We’ll explore different types of mindfulness practice each morning drawing upon a wide range of styles inclusive of both introspective forms of practice and social forms of mindfulness. Each exercise will be followed with a group discussion and exploration of our thoughts, feelings, and experiences within a safe, comfortable, and compassionate environment.

Healing Plants for Hikers with Tara Caldwell

Hit the trail discovering Appalachian culture along the way.

Intro to Slacklining with Slack-Librium

Never stepped on a slackline before? This is the workshop for you! We’ll go over all the basics and fundamentals including set up and take down of the lines, simple slackline physics, slackline philosophy, and of course an engaging introduction to the practice of slacklining itself! Come prepared to practice standing (on both feet), walking, knee balances, and sitting. Intermediate skills that we might break into include crouching, turning around, and jump mounts. We’ll have multiple Slack-Librium instructors on site to assist participants across various skill levels. Step into Slack-Librium… don’t be shy.

Gauley River Pottery with Mary Bethune

Get muddy with Gauley River Pottery. Pinch, Roll and Squish.  Explore your imagination with an introductory hand building clay workshop. Demonstrations of throwing on the wheel and various other techniques will be showcased in our booth through the duration of the festival.

Intermediate Hoop Dance Workshop with Fire My Spirit Sami Hoopslip

To start, I will do a quick briefing on basic hula hoop dance skills and get everyone warmed up. Then we will work on some intermediate isolation variations. Iso pops, ghosting with linear and vertical tracers. Into different toss variations including behind the back and infinity tosses. Ending with some chest rolls and stalls, and always, a freestyle cool down! 🙂

Consent, Communication, and Connection with Iona Jones

Explore conscious connection and authentic relating while practicing communication skills to express empowered boundaries and consent! This is a beautiful opportunity to connect with others in a facilitated environment with safety, structure, intentional guidance and support.

Intro to Indo Boarding with Ahlee Dawson

Intro to indo is a complete, hands-on instructional hour of Indo Boarding. I begin by showing attendees how to properly stand on the board and balance without stepping off or orienting themselves in a potentially dangerous fashion. Each individual is given specific critiques based on their ability and progression, to prepare them for learning basic tricks. We run through 3-5 basic tricks all with a full description and proper form, again assessing attendees and helping them evolve through pinpointing areas of struggle and poor form. This workshop contains no additional balance information.

Soul Singing Alignment with Noelle Austin

Vocal toning paired with breath and postures for a fun and connective yoga class invoking a sense of lightness and freedom in the body and voice!

Partner Slacklining with Slack-Librium

Traditional slacklining is an incredibly individual sport, but in this workshop we’re flipping tradition on its head. Bring a friend or get paired up with a new friend as we explore and redefine the boundaries of balance and movement! We’ll begin with some partner exercises on the ground, building strength, balance, and trust with our partners. Then things start getting interesting once we bring our partners onto the line. Come play with us and try out something new!

Basic Polymer Clay & Eye Pendant Class with Topher Glass

Come develop your art skills by playing with some polymer clay. I will be teaching basic polymer clay techniques and how to make an eye pendant that you can take home. All ages are welcome.

Intro Into Double Hoops Workshop with Fire My Spirit Sami Hoopslip & Taylor Bruskey

For the warm up we will get everyone “threading the needle” with their hoops! Getting comfortable using both hands and having the hoops moving over each other, pointing out the importance of timing when it comes to twin hooping. Moving into the basic windmill which will bring them over the head and working on keeping eyes open and focused on the hands. Also creating a two beat weave which will work us into the three beat weave. Ending with a free style cool down!

The Power of Pollinator Plants with Tony Petrarca & Ashé Summers

Give back to the Earth in ways that benefit you. In this workshop you can learn how surrounding yourself with flowering plants feeds the planet around you. We will focus on the importance of insectary strips in vegetable gardens, the impacts of native plant habitat loss, and the types of plants to surround yourself with in order to feed the planet and yourself. Live plants will be shown!

Art Church Sacred Geometry with Brian Zickafoose & Family

An all ages CoSM style art church in the art tent on Saturday morning. Art church begins with a recitation of “The Artists Prayer” from The Mission of Art by Alex Grey. Followed by a brief discussion on the significance and use of sacred geometry through the ages with some examples of sacred geometry to meditate on. Followed by an hour or so of meditation/creation on the topic of sacred geometry where participants use their medium of choice to draw, paint/color or journal while listening to some meditative background music. Afterwards everyone shares their creations with the group.

Kids Art Building Fairy Houses with Wendy Peters

Bring your imagination and create a little bit of fairy magic. In this hands on workshop, for children and the young at heart, participants will make their own fairy houses out of repurposed and natural materials. We will also read fairy stories, make fairy wands, and much more.

Backyard forage and plant exchange with Tara Caldwell

We will be sharing remedies and plants in this interactive workshop.

Indo Corner with Ahlee Dawson

Different than a traditional workshop layout, the “Indo Corner” is a several hour long lounge area open to indoboard free play, skill sharing, multi-prop play and practice under supervision and coaching. This space includes 6 basic boards, two surf classic boards, one thrive board, one pro board, one kicktail pro board, one mini kicktail board, one rocker board, a yoga cushion with board, 6 basic rollers, one large roller, one thrive roller, one mini roller, one foam roller and 4 large carpet areas for safe practice/traction. Multi-prop additions vary but often include: staff, poi, hoops, fans, light saber, umbrella, and juggling balls.

How to Sell Your Art, Better! With Zack Thayer

A forum-style workshop designed to teach artists how to maximize their art sales. Large focus on sales strategies, portfolio customization, and changing thought patterns behind the creation process. Artists will be taught new ways to market their art, as well as how acquire new customers through merchandising strategies and product positioning. 30-45 minutes, questions encouraged!

Beginner / Intermediate Juggling Workshop with Fire My Spirit Austin Potts & Shawn Teal

We will begin the first half will be an introduction to juggling and the basics and fundamentals of juggling. We will be going over balls, clubs, and rings and the differences between them and how each one plays a different role in learning juggling. We will be going over basic juggling patterns and tricks and making sure that everyone learns the basics of juggling. We will also try to work one on one with everybody as much as we can. The second half will be for more intermediate tricks for people more comfortable with juggling, here we will go over some harder juggling tricks and how to use your juggling props with your body and surroundings. We will also use the last 10 minutes to go over and help anyone else who needs extra assistance.

Slackline Fitness with Slack-Librium

Improve your balance, posture, strength, coordination, and concentration all at the same time! Our slackline fitness classes are designed to emphasize the fundamentals of slacklining while providing a workout that is both physically and mentally challenging for beginner and advanced slackliners alike. Expect to learn exercises that can be performed both on and off of the line and will help you to develop the muscles that are necessary for improving your slacklining skills.

Beginner / Intermediate Poi Workshop with Fire My Spirit Austin Potts

We will begin the first half will be an introduction to poi and the basics and fundamentals of poi and poi spinning. We will be going over how to get started spinning poi and have you spinning comfortably by the end of this workshop. We will be going over basic poi spinning patterns and techniques and also how to move around comfortably while spinning poi. We will also try to work one on one with everybody as much as we can. The second half will be for more intermediate tricks for people more comfortable with poi spinning, here we will go over some harder poi spinning tricks and patterns and will also touch on the basics of contact poi for those interested. We will also use the last 10 minutes to go over and help anyone else who needs extra assistance.

2018 Festival Workshop Schedule

More Inspiration than could be imagined

Great music inspires great art!! Since 2015 MMFest has invited some of the festival circuits best artists to come be inspired on the mountain and WOW have we been impressed! Look for the live art tent during the festival where these talented folks will be creating their masterpieces. Explore their world of music and art at Mountain Music Festival. Stay tuned for 2018 live artist announcements coming soon!

See the 2018 Visual Artists Lineup Here.