Steve – Raft Guide

Life slogan: Rig to flip. Dress to swim!

I boat: just about every day of the season, on every stretch we offer, and some we don’t (to keep my skills sharp).

I listen to: a lot of Dave Mathews Band.

I eat: MEAT! I am a Meatetarian. Sorry to all the vegans & vegetarians.

I drink: whiskey & coke!

I would bring: a rope to save you if needed!

Guilty pleasure: Rescuing another boater in trouble. We all have our days & I know mine is coming… soon! “Sometimes you watch the show & sometimes you are the show!”

All-time dream: To retire as the only raft guide to never hit “that┬árock” at Sweets & to be the first sponsored raft guide.

Party trick: I call it the “Houdini”. It’s when I’m tired & want to go home so I disappear like a magic trick. “Where’d Steve Reid go?” “I don’t know. He said he was going to get another drink, but now his Jeep is gone. Hmmmm.”

Favorite thing about ACE: I get to do something everyday that most people consider a vacation.