Brandi - Retail Store

Life slogan: Word to yo momma.

I boat: with kids. And fish with kids. And camp with kids.

I only listen to: The Devil Makes Three, Todd Snider, Justin Townes Earle, and well the list could go on and on because I’m an ADDICT.

I eat: vegetables. That I grow. Because I’m cool. And I get to drive a tractor to eat the vegetables that I grow to be cool. 

Guilty pleasure: reading. But like music, it’s an addiction I face everyday.

I prefer: nice people over mean people.

I would bring: a dinosaur to every party I was invited to. If they weren’t extinct and I was invited to parties. 

I drink: Jameson. And chase it with beer. Because it makes me feel like a boss. But only on Fridays because you can’t be a boss everyday.

Party trick: 80s dance moves to the tune of a banjo.

All time dream: travel the world and spread my awesomeness around. To be known for making people laugh in countries around the world.

Favorite thing about ACE: the fantastic people I work with. I’m guessing someone keeps the water cooler spiked with Pure Awesome. Otherwise, there has to be a magnetic force at work. Something’s going on because the world’s off balance with all these cool people in one place.

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