An aerial view of an ACE raft passing soaring sandstone cliffs while on a lower gauley rafting trip in west virginia.

Bridge Day Twin Rivers Deal

Lower New Rafting + Lower Gauley Rafting + Meals

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2 Day, Bridge Day Lower New Rafting + Lower Gauley Rafting With Meals

2 Day, Bridge Day Lower New Rafting + Lower Gauley Rafting With Meals

Saturday Oct. 17th ONLY!: BRIDGED *Bridge Day 2020 has been canceled





DISTANCE: 8 Miles Day 1, 12 Miles Day 2

SECTION: Lower New And Upper Or Lower Gauley

RIVER: New River + Gauley River

RATING: Class I-V+

ADVENTURE: Whitewater Rafting + Bridge Day!

SEASON: Fall Gauley

If you’re ready to paddle the Lower New River Gorge, and the Lower Gauley River… but not quite ready (or not quite old enough) for the mighty Upper Gauley then this package is how you should experience Bridge Day to its fullest!

Here’s the deal! Raft the Lower New River on Bridge Day (Saturday), raft the Lower Gauley the next day (Sunday) and we’ll add in 2 breakfast buffets, 2 riverside lunches, and dinner Saturday night!

On festival day you’ll get to raft the scenic Lower New River Gorge and end your trip below the famous, 976′ tall New River Gorge Bridge where you just might see BASE jumpers flying through space.

The next day you’ll have a truly scenic wilderness adventure running the rollercoaster waves of the Lower Gauley River! Both days include a complimentary riverside lunch and a WHOLE TON of whitewater fun! Come do Bridge Day the river way. It’s more fun, trust us.

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