Pigment Sanctuary – Artist Application

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The Role of Live Painter means: No vending table and a small shared display in the gallery. For the same ticket, all you have to do is create. Represent Art by painting/making by the stage, in the gallery, by the lake, wherever and as much as you want! No distractions. 1 catch, you may not display merchandise for sale in the Art Gallery (though I won't get on you if you happen to sell what you're working on, or what's in your print book)

The role of the Gallery Artist: You get a 12 foot space to display and vend your merchandise in the Pigment Sanctuary, the opportunity for many eyes to see your work and customers to buy it. You are expected to create as well this weekeng though the pressure to won't be so extreme considering the purpose of the Live Painters. We will also have 8 gallery assistants to help you with your tables and sales if you decide to spend the night slinging paint in the crowd ;).

I will reming you again, but PLEASE PREPARE A PRICE LIST for the Gallery Assistants.