Special Events

ACE Adventure SeriesIn addition to races and competitions, we host annual music festivals plus local bands play private shows at ACE throughout the year. Check out the lineup and details below (then share the events with friends!)​

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 Volunteer & Earn FREE stuff

Download the Application

We can't do it all alone. We need awesome people like you to help park cars, staff water stations, and laugh at people as they roll in the mud! If you volunteer your time to help make some of our events happen we will reward you.

  • Volunteer 1/2 day (4 hours) - Receive one full-day lake pass.
  • Volunteer full day (8 hours) - Choice of two full-day lake passes OR Free ticket/event registration to another ACE Adventure Series event.

We know you will like working with us so much you will want to come back and do it again! So we will keep rewarding you and after the second, third, fourth time the rewards get better!

  • Second Event/Volunteer full day (8 hours) - Half day whitewater rafting trip OR Zip Line Canopy Tour.
  • Third Event/Volunteer full day (8 hours) - One night Cozy Cabin off-season rental. (Bridge Day-April 31)
  • Fourth Event/Volunteer full day (8 hours) - Half day activity OR one night Cozy Cabin off-season rental.

Signing up is easy just download the application, fill it out and send back to us. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.