Photos and Videos



Your trip video is available for viewing and purchase on most whitewater rafting trips. New this year, your video will be produced and available in HD on a flash drive, but if you still want a standard DVD, we can make that happen, too.

Videos are available for viewing outside the Lost Paddle Lounge shortly after you return to base from the river, and trust us, our videographers are experts at making you the star of the show. The laughs outside the bar during video showings are a noise we crave all winter long. The video is definitely a huge part of the ACE experience: FUN! 

Prepay video packages are available upon making your reservation. And be sure to request your favorite video boater. Prepay packages are $120 for six DVD’s or three flash drives. Additional copies are available for $15 each. Have more questions? Our Adventure Concierges are here to help! 304-469-2651. 

Missed out on buying a DVD of your whitewater rafting trip in West Virginia? You're not too late.

We archive all of our videos, so you can grab yours by filling out the form below...

  • New or Summer Gauley: (one day rafting)
    • Per copy: $55.00/ each
  • Fall Gauley: (one day rafting)
    • Per copy: $60.00/ each 
  • Fall Gauley: (2 consecutive days rafting)
    • Per copy: $80.00/ each
  • Shipping: $1.50/ each




Action photos are available for viewing in the outfitters' store shortly after you return to base from the river.

First select the stretch of river you rafted (New River or Gauley River), then find the date you went rafting.

  • 8x10 Rafting Photos: $19.80/ each
  • Photo CD: $59.95/ each

Go to Leisure Sports Photography or call them at (304) 574-2338.