ACE Adventure Resort Vacations - Fall and Winter Activities

As the seasons change, don’t let the cold weather blues get you down. ACE still has plenty of fun and relaxation in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia to offer groups, families and anyone wanting to escape into the great outdoors.

Half-Price Cabin Rentals

Start by nestling away in one of our many deluxe cabin rental options and stay warm in your own private steamy, bubbling hot tub. Our charming cabins will suit your every need and create an unforgettable West Virginia winter getaway. Larger cabins like the Black Bear and Red Fox Log Home are absolutely perfect for family reunions, wedding parties, social events and holiday vacation rentals.

Fall & Winter Adventures

Looking for some adventure to go along with your mountain retreat? Try the many rock-climbing routes within the New River Gorge for amazing views – you can see forever. Even though you’re only thirty feet off the ledge, you will feel miles high above the river below. If climbing isn’t your thing, our zip line trips offer the same views! Fly through the leaf-less trees high above the New River Gorge with our Zip Line Canopy Tour; the exhilaration will keep you from getting too cold, but even so, your hot tub will be faithfully awaiting your return. And just because it’s a little colder outside, doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast playfully competing with your friends and loved ones. Try out our awesome Highland Paintball Park course or our free Disc Golf course, which is open to anyone at anytime. 

Explore the New River Gorge

If you have something a bit more mellow in mind, do your soul some good by hiking, biking, or casually exploring all around the New River Gorge. Many historical towns, like Thurmond, and overgrown-abandoned coal mines, such as the Kaymoor Mine, can be found along the railroad grades on either side of the New River and each offer hours of interest. West Virginia is home to none other than the New River Gorge Bridge, of course, which offers the Bridge Catwalk Tour all year round, as well. Take your senses to new heights, literally, and take in the view of the New River 850+ ft. below your toes. Many trails exist under the bridge and throughout the gorge for hiking and mountain biking. We have over thirty-five miles of private trails located at ACE with access to the National Forest trails that go on for many miles.

Groups and Family Reunions

With over 1500 acres to explore and dozens of lodging options, ACE is the perfect destination for your next group getaway. Let us help you host your family reunion, church youth group, non-profit group, college formal, wedding or annual business Christmas party. On top of our cozy lodging and unforgettable adventures, West Virginia’s majestic beauty and wintry sights are the real star of the show. When vacationing in West Virginia, your tribe’s opportunities for fun and adventure are limitless.


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