Nugget – Raft Guide

Life slogan: Don’t scout it longer than it takes to run it! If they say ya got lucky, do it twice!

I boat: everything I can in a raft or kayak (if I have the money).

I only listen to: stuff that makes me smile.

I eat: Sheetz, Quesaritos, Best Value Foot Longs.

I drink: Highlife, Turkey and OJ (not in that order).

I would bring: a good attitude n’ some Highlife

Guilty pleasure: scarin’ myself

All-time dream: short, easy access to class V creekin’ (Fayetteville).

Party trick: swishin’ whiskey and yellin'”midnight run!” then hippies realize at Railroad that there ain’t no moon.

Favorite thing about ACE: I get to be myself and be surrounded by people who are doing the same!