Jonathan Blake

Jonathon Blake is a native Virginia artist who primarily creates live, improvisational pieces of abstract and psychedelic art all across the country. Completely self taught, Blake started with art at an early age, quickly pulled into vortex worlds of space men, spaceships, aliens, ray guns and frenetic moving epics of intergalactic mayhem. After completing general studies with a psychology major at the University of Virginia, Blake assumed the stage name Crazyredbeard (due to his generally striking and sometimes unkempt facial hair) and started painting in front of audiences at rock, reggae, jazz, jam and electronic shows. Driven by a passion for live music and influenced by his years as an improv comedian with college group The Whethermen, Blake began combining his favorite elements of creation in an organic and ever changing environment. His work mirrors this with striking color, movement and shimmering psychedelia.