Harrison Crawford

Harrison Crawford visualizes the abstract fantastical world of deities and divinities and solidifies them on the canvas for his audience.Visually he is well known for his juxtaposition of the saccharine and satanic, personifying the invisible forces that guide human nature, In the same way, he works with ideas, pulling possibilities from a place of fantasy and employing an almost magical ability to create space for those ideas to be discussed and made practical. Seeking to be more than just the renderings on the canvas, he hopes to facilitate an environment that is culturally and imaginatively intoxicating.
With few positive examples of success in his own life; growing up between Disneyworld and the Salvador Dali Museum in Florida, these provided the clearest picture of how to make one’s name and find a way out and evidence of these influences can be seen in his art. He began drawing at the age of 4, with Disney characters he saw on his screen and his untold hours spent at the park. Seeing these fantasies made reality kindled a lifelong flame.
Real life got in the way with careers taking time away from passion but art always incorporated itself into his life, whether it was sand mandalas with Buddhist monks (subduing your demons through a practice of a craft/art as medicine), or slowly working on passion paintings while pursuing his culinary career.
Eventually, with his career as a chef feeling less fulfilling, he came upon some artist communities. He saw people turning fantasy into reality and saw how it was possible to dedicate himself to his passion and he found and made a place for himself there. Now dedicated to art, and seeing a new world of possibilities and all he was capable of, he formed his own community and is now vice president/co-founder of the “artist empowerment network” that is Art Monkeys. He is also currently studying at The Schuler to refine his skills with classical techniques in a school with a student and master relationship going back centuries.