Bryan Stacy

My style of art doesn’t really have a name. I call it LEAFMECH, it’s a hybrid style of my own graffiti lettering (west-coast wildstyle, cholo handstyle, east-coast rap letters) and Bio-Mechanical art. Bio-mechanical art was invented by the late-great H.R. Giger and elaborated upon by many artists and tattooers, whom were influences on me. My friend FUMEROISM from New York refers to this hybrid style as “grafstract.” However, the style of THIS mural in particular is somewhat different that most of my “leafmech” work, but it still plays a crucial role in everything I do. It also takes many years to develop your hands to paint great things. There is no easy way around this…I have been an artist my whole life and have studied it for many years. I received by BFA from Guilford Collage in 2009 with a concentration in Drawing, Sculpture, and Printmaking. Throughout my stay from 2005-2009 I worked delivering food and maintained above a 3.2 GPA in order to carry a scholarship through the CFNC. In early 2012 I opened Anvil & Ink (Tattoo Parlor/Gallery/Studios) here in Wilmington, NC. I travel as much as I can throughout the year and my mural work can be seen up and down the East Coast-from Brooklyn to Miami!