Brian Zickafoose

I create, therefore I am.
My artwork is the visual manifestation of my lifelong quest for a more inclusive truth and expressions of beauty and goodness that are found throughout the cosmos.
Creating art is a necessary act that embraces both humanity and spirituality; by creating something beautiful for myself, I create something for all.
My work intertwines elements of nature with geometric patterns and symmetry, illuminating the beauty of life in all its forms. My creations are meant to be tools for expanding consciousness and tapping portals to the infinite possibilities of existence.
I use my art as a catalyst for personal and spiritual growth and social transformation within myself and others. I aspire to paint powerful depictions that inspire a higher calling in all of us, to become more aware of how our actions affect others and to become better stewards of the Earth.
Born in 1976 in Summersville, West Virginia, I am a true son of the hills. Growing up on a country farm to deeply religious folk, nature and spirituality have been consistent threads in the glorious tapestry of my life, a tradition I strive to continue through my art.
I studied art at Pasadena City College under renowned printmaker Michael Barnes, I was mentored by the late artist David E. Weaver in the oil painting tradition of the great Flemish masters and I studied visionary painting techniques under masters, Alex and Allyson Grey. Borrowing from these time-tested disciplines, I have forged a contemporary surrealist style that is unique to my own subjective experiences and world view.