Ashton Hill

I was born in the spring, among the rolling mountains and gentle streams. I was raised in ancient valleys with the forest of trees as my friends. If I fell, their leaves caught me and if I climbed, their branches would lift me. My mind flourished with fairytale imaginings and unrealistic expectations, as did my artwork. The years passed and I journeyed into the darkness of the world. My rose glasses finally shattered. Today I find myself carving the beauty of death and decomposition into every painting while still clinging to my faith and hope, still dreaming of pure air and sweet grasses.

As a live painter I extend my creative self to the people for entertainment, for intrinsic thought, for your soul to be touched. Journeying from festivals to galleries to events to street performance, my goal is to bring a consciousness of creation to all I encounter. Along the way I vend my craft, interact with the public, and expose my heart and soul through every painting.