Jenna – Zip Line Guide

Life slogan: Laugh and laughing, fall apart

I boat: more and more each season I work here!

I listen to: tunes that make my heart dance and my hips swiiiiing.

I eat: all of the delicious things that vegans and vegetarians do not.

Guilty pleasure: Cold, rainy tent mornings: fuzzy blankets, movies, and snacks in bed.

I prefer: boxer briefs.

I would bring: a basket of kittens to a gunfight. No one’s going to pop a broad holding a basket full o’ kittens.

Coolest thing I’ve done: I got to fly a 1949 Piper Club airplane recently! Strongly supervised, of course.  

I drink: water, whiskey, beer, and wine. 

Party trick: I make the whiskey disappear!

All time dream: I’m dancing upon the back of a golden eagle into a rainbow sunset with my faithful army of monkeycats surrounding me. We are on our way to a steak buffet. Medium rare. 

Favorite thing about ACE: my job, my friends, my tent life, all of it.