Fall Gauley Marathon - All Day

World's top 10 

From beautiful mountains to some of the most challenging West Virginia whitewater rafting, Gauley River rapids are a force to be reckoned with and a badge of honor you will never forget. Boats and lodging fill up fast, 'cuz it's some pretty fun stuff. Check it out: 
  • Gauley whitewater rafting smorgasbord - Upper and Lower Gauley in one day (70+ rapids) 
  • A 14-ft waterfall. Seriously.
  • Gauley guides who have all the river skills, knowledge and passion for big waves.
  • Trip Length: 23 miles (All day)
  • Meals: Riverside BBQ at Sweet's Falls – ACE's private lunch site  (ask for veg option) 
  • Season: weekends September 8, 2017 – October 22, 2017

  • Min Age: 15 

  • Min Height: 60 inches


14'/6+ Person: Fri.=$209 / Sat.=$239 / Sun.=$209 / Mon.=$209



16'/8+ Person: Fri.=$199 / Sat.=$229 / Sun.=$199 / Mon.=$199


*BEST VALUE RAFT SIZE with 2 extra feet of rubber and flotation for more stability in class v rapids.

12'/4+ Person: Fri.=$249 / Sat.=$279 / Sun.=$259 / Mon.=$249

Call to Book: 1-800-787-3982

Every seat is like a front row seat of whitewater rapids in your face. No joke. 

Min. Age 18; Adults only; strong swimming skills and healthy physical condition is essential. Must book in multiples of 4 or 5.


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