American Alligator Being Introduced in the New River Gorge - Got ya! Happy April Fool's!

As an effort to diversify our habitat here in the New River Gorge, officials from the EPA are introducing the American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) into the ecosystem. The current biosphere of the area is believed to support this species. "The water of the New River can reach temperatures around 85 degrees during the summer months. There is also plenty of aquatic life to sustain a healthy diet for the reptile," an agency representative stated.

During a whitewater rafting trip, one of ACE's guides was able to wrangle one of the newly introduced alligators. He kept his guests safe by simply just having them lean into the boat. The current colder temperatures of the New River keeps these reptiles in a docile state, so they're easier to handle this time of year. Officials assure residents that the animals will likely adapt well and not be a nuisance to the environment or citizens.

*Please note: Spring training for river guides will include an introduction to the American Alligator, as well as handling instructions. Our avid gator wrangler, Drew Stew will demonstrate his technique for the paddle gator swap. Drew is no stranger to handling these type of reptiles and can give an informative introduction.

**Extra Note: April Fools! 



Sam Poche
Sam Poche