Anna – Reservations/SUP Guide

Life slogan: I guess we’ll figure it out when we get there!

I boat: wherever there is water, but nothing beats the Grand Canyon.

I only listen to: my son. He has more sense than I do.

I eat: excessive amounts of starch…and probably too much chocolate.

Guilty pleasure: Netflix. I’ve probably watched every Family Guy episode four times.

I prefer: Jager bombs and getting caught in the rain.

I would bring: shoes for every occasion!

I drink: mostly water, but Jager if there is peer pressure involved.

Party trick: Head stand on a stand up paddle board, and awesome one-liners

All time dream: Work all over the world as a geologist, eventually settling down in Oregon

Favorite thing about ACE: My ACE family. Never in my life have I had such a wonderful and diverse family. Thanks for the love, the hugs and the whitewater!