Alisa – Raft Guide

Life Slogan: I am a channel of nature! I have lived a life of River Lore to not be believed. Through pure immersion, I have developed an intuition that I would enjoy showing you! 

I boat: to live. My folks would love it if I got a life. They don’t understand, without the river, I would have no life.

I eat: Clean, green, raw is the dream.

Guilty Pleasure: No way I am telling you that!

I prefer: Female crews. They focus, naw I kid, there is no such thing.

I would bring: a crystal, and probably a smudge stick.

Coolest thing I’ve done: Found an awesome community of like-minded free spirits. Putting themselves on an edge and inviting me to join them.

I drink: Water with watermelon, or lemon, or cucumber, or oranges. GET ALKALINE.

Party trick: I smudge stick my friends, I love chanting them up!

All-time dream: The White Nile. Ok, really I am going into space, and I am going to moon the Earth. Do not steal my idea, you astronauts! Oh, and powder for days.

Favorite thing about ACE: I know I can bring every dream I have with the outdoors, with my fitness, with my mind into manifestation! You need NATURE, come ‘n get some.